Raz Bin Sam – Own This Life

If you were going to introduce me to a reggae artist who was originally from out of Israel and then had spent part of his time developing in Australia that is someone I’d be interested in hearing.There are some tunes on this album which simply NO ONE ELSE in reggae is making. Raz Bin Sam delivers on Own This Life a vibe that will TEAR THROUGH the casual reggae listener and will grow on the hardened reggae head at the same time. Think Alborosie + Agitated version of Junior Kelly = Raz Bin Sam

– Achis, AMG

Jamaican label ‘DasVibes’ has been heavily involved in some of the top rated reggae releases over the past few years including Cali P’s debut album, ‘Lyrical Faya’ in 2008, the ‘The Most High’ album from Jamaican veteran chanter Daddy Rings in 2007 and ‘King Of Kings’, the debut from singer Elijah Prophet in 2006. They have also released the first major riddim compilation of ‘Gloria riddim’, and now continuing that trend with Raz Bin Sam’s new album ‘Own This Life’.

Raz Bin Sam, originally from Israel is now residing in Australia. Raz Bin Sam has been an artist with Jamaican label DasVibes since 2007 and has since released two hit singles on their label, both of these are featured on the album ‘Own This Life’:
The first Something to remember, which hit the US Independent reggae charts, straight after it’s release in July 07 and remained at number 1 for 4 weeks. The second track ‘Life Is A Gift’ was released in 2008 and features Jamaican Reggae artist Ray Darwin.

DasVibes incidentally has re-released much of Raz Bin Sam’s existing catalogue, making it available to the masses today:
The album ‘Kivsayat’ which is in Hebrew and was first released in 1999.
‘Domesila’, a predominately English album which arrived in 2002 and provided Raz Bin Sam with the popular tune, Dalai Lama. 2005 was the release year of his well regarded album ‘Bin Tote Too’.

And ‘Raz Bin Sam & The Lion I Band’ self titled EP was released in 2007 featuring riddims of Raz Bin Sam’s own band, ‘Lion I’*.


The 14 track album Own This Life was recorded and produced by Mista Savona* (Australia), Jah Warrior* (England) and Sabbo & Kuti* (Israel). It consists of Middle Eastern, Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall tracks.

The first song on the album, (1) Crazy For Righteousness, is an ‘uplifting party song’ or one for the dance floor, given the exotic vibes on the bouncy Hip Hop Beat. (2) Pull Up takes a lyrical approach on a Middle Eastern Dancehall beat.
(3) What’s The Matter, a straight forward one-drop backing reggae tune.
(4) Mist In The Jungle, a dancehall tune on a Middle eastern riddim.

(5) Livin Like That a combination tune featuring top Jamaican chanter Jah Mason, voiced on a Middle Eastern dancehall riddim. (6) No Pegan is a modern roots track on a straight one-drop.

The title track: (7) Own This Life is a reggae tune in which Raz Bin Sam calls for people to stay strong and positive, saying that life is a miracle and a blessing so people should appreciate and make the most of it. “Morning prayer makes me feel the best” referring to Jewish rituals that he practices and are the tools he uses to keep himself on the right track. With a groovy riddim and these lyrics combined, a positive title track was created.

(8) No Place In Our Hearts is an up beat reggae tune on Jah Warrior.’s legendary ‘Creation riddim’.
(9) Clean N Pure For Sure is a dancehall, almost techno riddim with a rough vocal approach, supporting the merits of keeping oneself clean, both literally and spiritually. (10) Life Is A Gift, the hit combination single featuring Ray Darwin.
(11) Gevald is a very laid back tune on a one drop riddim. The same vibe carries over (12) Something To Remember.
(13) Sweet N Vicious is an uplifting straight forward Hip Hop tune.
And the closer is (14) Soul To Sound, an ode to the music itself.

The CD comes along with 4-page booklet.